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Series IV SOLAR - Datablad

Series IV - Brochure

 Varm FID fra Signal Instruments


Hurtig respons

Indbygget katalytisk air purifier

0 - 1 ppm til 100.000 ppm (6 måleområder)

Elektroniske temperatur- og tryktransducere

110-240V AC 50/60 Hz eller 24V DC

2 års garanti

4-20mA/0-10V udgang


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The Signal SOLAR Flame Ionization Detector product line is unique in the market with its precision machined, monobloc arrangement of ceramic isolated flame jet tip cylindrical collector and venturi effect air/fuel/sample design.


This has produced reproducibility of production so that every analyser has exactly the same characteristics.


The need for this uniformity is important when measuring hydrocarbons as there are many different species in the measurement mix and barometric changes can be a problem.


The monobloc design encompasses the hot oven, the heated filter, span/zero/cal valve and the optional heated sample pump. Thus, a very compact and leak proof design is provided. The sample pump uses a brushless DC motor and PTFE coated diaphragm for total reliability and ease of maintenance.


We offer a heated 191°C single FID for total hydrocarbon, a Methane-only single FID using a catalytic cutter to remove/convert all hydrocarbons except Methane, and a dual detector for continuous total hydrocarbons (THC), Methane (CH4) and non-methane (NMHC).  We also offer a low cost, low temperature version for samples with low sample dewpoints.