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Transportabel FID

Transportabel FID - 3010 MINIFID PURE

3010 MINIFID PURE - Datablad


Transportabel FID type 3010 

Hurtig respons

Indbygget katalytisk air purifier

0-10ppm til 10.000 ppm (4 måleområder)

Option 0-10% måleområde

110v/220v AC 50/60 Hz

Indbygget Heated Line Controller (5m eller 10m heated line option)

2 års garanti

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The 3010 MINIFID PURE is perfect for stack testing.  It has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. With no microprocessor this analyser has been stripped down to the essentials to make it robust and reliable, ready for the rigours of going out on site.

The 3010 MINIFID is a small, self contained, and fully portable analyser. It is equally convenient for use on the laboratory bench or as a portable on-site measurement tool. This three-gas FID features the same detection system as the Series IV Solar range of FIDs. Comes with a 5m heated sample line and built-in controller as standard. Manual operation without microprocessor control. Bottle rack may be detached for use with standard, full sized gas cylinders.


Key Benefits:

Fast speed of Response

Fully heated to 191°C 

Built-in catalytic air purifier for internal burner and zero air generation

Built-in datalogger

0-10ppm to 10,000 ppm (4 ranges)

High Range option 0-10%

110Vac 50/60 Hz OR 220Vac 50/60Hz

Built in Heated Line Controller (5m or 10m line option)

Optional Pelican carry case

2 year warranty