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Series IV PULSAR - Datablad

Series IV - Brochure

Hurtig respons

1-5 gas konfiguration

Elektronisk temperatur & tryk transducere

Udgange: Standard: RS232  'AK' PROTOCOL, Tilvalg: 4-20mA & 0-10V DC

Diagnostik og styring via Ethernet

Indbygget datalogger i udgave med skærm

110-240VAC 50/60Hz

2 års garanti


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Gas Filter Correlation is the best type of Non Dispersive Infra-Red for combustion analysis. Instead of a dual beam sample cell and a seperate reference cell, this method uses only a single cell for both sample and reference.


This method reduces problems with cell contamination causing a difference in readings. Also, with Gas Filter Correlation we fill the filter wheel with our own proprietary gas mixtures to eliminate interference from other gases e.g. H2O or CO2 when measuring.  For example, ppm level CO is easily measurable in the presence of percent levels of these other gases.


Up to 5 gases can be measured using a single analyser.  We offer various configurations and options to suit many applications, including internal gas switching for automatic calibration, any combination of separate or combined sample inlets for all of the measurement channels, sample pumps, etc.


Our unique design means that we can cater for many combinations of gases.  Gases such as CO, CO2, NO, SO2, CH4, HCl and O2 can be included in many combinations of ranges, for example a 100ppm CO range can be used alongside 20% CO2, 1000ppm NO, 100ppm SO2 and 25% O2.


The PULSAR class also provides superior levels of linearity throughout the 10,000:1 range ratio.