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Series IV QUASAR - Datablad

Series IV - Brochure

Varm NOx kemiluminescens analysator

Hurtig respons

Cooled PM Detector, Heated Reaction Chamber

Tør vacuum pumpe

0 - 1 ppm to 10.000 ppm (4 måleområder)

Elektronisk temperatur og tryktransducere

110-240V AC 50/60 Hz eller 24V DC

2 års garanti

4-20mA/0-10Volt udgangssignal


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The Signal QUASAR series of Chemiluminescent NOx analysers is unique in the market with a unique and very special ozone generator and extremely low levels of quenching effects from CO2 and H2O.


The "soft discharge" neon lamp ozone generator is unique among competitors, with its ability to use air as its feed gas without any unwanted generation of NO and NO2. High voltage corona discharge techniques and UV lamps used by other manufacturers both suffer from this, and some well known manufacturers recommend the use of 100% Oxygen to avoid this effect, which becomes an high ongoing running cost to bear.  In contrast, our analysers use air as a cheap and reliable source of oxygen for ozone. 


The high vacuum and heated design also eliminates quenching, increases signal strength and also avoids any condensation in the sample and measurement which could cause losses of NO2 in condensate. The vacuum pump is of a dry piston design and is easy to maintain for continuous instrument use.


Also available is a non-vacuum model which is suitable for sample gas mixtures with low or consistent levels of CO2 and H2O, such as dilute CVS engine or vehicle exhaust measurement or off-road dry NOx testing (e.g. SORE).


We offer a single NOx detector, dual continuous NO, NO2, NOx detectors, non vacuum for dilute and dry samples (e.g. CVS vehicle testing, off road dry NOx testing), and NOx, NH3, NO2 using selective converters and dual continuous detectors.